Select theme

In the Theme section of application configuration you can select one of the pre-built themes for your end user view.
Each available theme comes with a set of customisation options. Click on Configure theme to go directly into the application view and edit available settings.
Theme section
We're constantly adding new and improving existing pre-built themes. Additionally, soon you will be able to get community built themes from the Orbify Marketplace.
You can also become a theme publisher and share or sell your customised look and feel for the Orbify applications.

Theme customisation

When you decide to configure additional theme settings, you will be taken to your application's end user view and presented an additional set of customisation options.
To read about them in more details, go to Application themes section of the documentation.
Theme configuration settings in the application's end-user view

Changing the theme

When you want to change the application's theme - either to preview available options or decide on final look and feel of the app, just click on one of the available themes and accept the change in a confirmation modal.