Create an application

An application allows you to combine workflows (parametrised processing of data allowing to extract the desired insight), maps, automated change and anomaly detection as well as third-party integrations (e.g. notifications) and customised data views into ready to share product.
From the very get go, you will be able to pick a URL for the application and have it deployed in a few clicks.

Setup wizard

Basic settings

We've setup a configuration wizard to help you go through the required steps of creating and publishing a new application.
To start - just pick a meaningful name for your application, for example Vegetation indices, verify that the URL we've automatically generated for you matches your expectations - and if not, provide one that you'd like to have.
Any of these settings can be edited. You don't need to come up with a final name and web address for the app right now.
We have also added a short description field. This description is for your eyes only, and is intended to help you better identify specific applications once you've built enough of them to start getting lost.

Workflow creator

In the next step, you can decide to use our Workflow creator and pick one of the existing workflow templates by browsing some problem categories we've exposed.
Each category provides a couple of sample application workflows, dedicated to solving one specific problem.
You can also start with a blank workflow canvas and start building your application from scratch
Categories of sample application workflows
There are also many workflow templates built by Orbify community members and published in the Orbify Marketplace.