Access management

Manage application users and their access level. Assign data access restrictions.

Inviting users to the application

You can use application's Access Management settings to manage the list of users allowed to sign in to the application.
Additionally, this list provides the ability to configure access roles assigned to each user.
All newly invited users have no roles additional assigned by default. If you'd like to make a user an administrator of your application, you need to set the role explicitly.

Send an invitation

To add new user to the application, simply click the Invite user button and provide an email address to which the invitation should be sent.

Assign a specific role

After inviting a user to the application, it is possible to assign a specific (e.g. Administrator) role.
Depending on your application's setup, additional roles and permission levels may be available for selection

Managing spatial access control

Each user can be given a restricted view of data produced by your application. In order to do that you need to upload a shape defining the restriction (allowed area), and assign it to selected user.
There can be multiple areas assigned to a single user account.