Sign up to the Orbify Platform

To sign up for the Orbify experience, visit Orbify Platform and sign in with your favourite identity provider or create a new account.

Signing up with Google

On the sign up screen, just click the "Continue with Google" button to go through the required account setup.

Signing up with LinkedIn

Just like with the Google sign up, click the "Continue with LinkedIn" button and follow the account setup steps.
We won't ask you for any unnecessary permissions when linking your Google or LinkedIn account. We will just need your email address and name, and that's it.

Creating a new account

Make sure you are on the New user tab when setting up the account
Start by providing your email address (this is going to be used to log you into the platform later) and picking up a hard to guess, secure password.
We've enforced a couple of password related rules to help you come up with a strong password.